Explosion in Complaints over Animal Welfare


Explosion in Complaints over Animal Welfare

Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

The number of animal welfare complaints has jumped from 50 complaints in 2012 to 50 complaints per month. Sigurborg Daðadóttir, chief veterinary surgeon, told ruv.is that the increase in complaints was due to more awareness and concern for animal welfare rather than an increase in actual abuse.

However, Sigurborg says that the complaints don’t provide a true picture of the problem because the public doesn’t have access to pig or poultry farms. She points out that there were very few complaints about the treatment of pigs and poultry but that Iceland is behind other European countries in this area.

Urgent improvements need to be made, Sigurborg says. Chickens, for example, are still kept in cages in Iceland while this is no longer the case in many other countries in Europe.


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