Bónus with Best Prices


Bónus with Best Prices


Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

The food item with the biggest difference in price between supermarkets surveyed by the Icelandic Federation of Labour (ASÍ) was an avocado. ASÍ checked the price of 105 grocery items at different supermarkets and found that the price of avocados differed by up to 138 percent.

They were cheapest at Fjarðarkaup, ISK 378 (USD 3.35, EUR 2.47) per kilo, while in Hagkaup they cost ISK 899 (USD 7.97, EUR 5.86), the difference being ISK 521 (USD 4.62, EUR 3.40).

Bónus supermarket had the best price for half of the items, followed by Samkaup-Úrval.

The difference between the highest and lowest price was usually around 25 percent, but lower for milk and dairy products.

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