Pirate Party Candidates Resign Due to Infighting


Pirate Party Candidates Resign Due to Infighting


Keflavík in Reykjanesbær. Photo: Wikipedia.

Almost half, or six of the 14 people on the Pirate Party’s list in the municipality of Reykjanesbær have withdrawn their candidacies a day before the municipal elections tomorrow.

Trausti Björvinsson, fourth on the party’s list, told mbl.is that the reason for the resignations is an internal fight with Páll Árnason, captain of the Pirate Party in Reykjanesbær.

Páll has said that he is willing to work with all parties after the elections but Trausti and others do not wish to cooperate with the ruling Independence Party in Reykjanesbær, Iceland’s fifth largest town.

“The situation in the party is extremely sad, but we have to tell voters how things are,” Páll said.

The candidates will still appear on the list as the deadline for changes has expired.


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