Vixen Attacks Baby Seal


Vixen Attacks Baby Seal

A beach in Strandir, the West Fjords

A beach in Strandir, the West Fjords. Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Fox hunter Guðmundur Jakobsson from Bolungarvík witnessed a female fox attack and attempt to kill a baby seal in Þernuvík in Ísafjarðardjúp, the West Fjords, yesterday morning, something he has never seen before in six decades of fox hunting.

Guðmundur shot and killed the vixen. “First when I noticed it on the beach the baby seal could rise up but the vixen had locked its jaws around its neck and was shaking it, like when dogs are killing minks,” he described to

The baby seal was still breathing when Guðmundur got to it but as it had stopped moving he was forced to put it down. “[The vixen] was incredibly bold. It wouldn’t have hesitated killing week-old lambs that are smaller than the baby seal,” he stated.

Guðmundur noticed that the seal’s mother was in the water and watched as the fox attacked its baby. “My guess is that it was on the beach, feeding its young when the vixen arrived and managed to get away. There was nothing it could do.”

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