Summer Weather Forecast around Iceland


Summer Weather Forecast around Iceland

Summer in Reykjavík

Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

The forecast is for sun and clear skies across all parts of the country over the next three days.
The temperature is expected to reach up to 22ºC (71.6ºF) with the warmest temperatures forecast for inland in the south and west.

The risk of sunburn increases substantially when the sun is so high in the sky, warns.

According to research by dermatologists Bárður Sigurgeirsson and Hans Christian Wulf, Icelanders tend to burn after a very short time in the sun. On an average day in June in Iceland, it is possible to get more than five times the recommended sun exposure time.

The UV-index is published on the website of the Dermatology Center of Iceland.

Visit the website of the Icelandic Met Office for the latest weather forecast.


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