Reykjavík Citizens Fight to Save 106-Year-Old Tree


Reykjavík Citizens Fight to Save 106-Year-Old Tree

Swedish Whitebeam tree on Grettisgata, Reykjavík.

Photo: From a press release.

A demonstration is being organized today to save the 106-year-old Swedish Whitebeam on Grettisgata 17 in the city center. The tree, which is considered one of the street’s main landmarks, is set to be cut down because of developments in the area.

City authorities recently approved a land use plan which would result in the cutting down of the tree, the house on Grettisgata 17 being moved closer to Grettisgata 13 and a hotel built between the house and Laugavegur 34a and 36, as stated in a press release from residents on Grettisgata 13 and others keen on protecting the tree.

The residents say that the final plans were not presented to them before being approved and that city authorities have turned a deaf ear towards their enquiries. They believe that their rights are being violated.

Everyone interested in protecting their surrounding environment, democracy and developments in downtown Reykjavík are asked to show support by attending a demonstration on Grettisgata 17 at 2 pm today.

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