Bringing Björk to Scandinavian Schools


Bringing Björk to Scandinavian Schools

Björk at the Stopp - Let’s Protect the Park benefit concert

Photo: Zoë Robert.

The Biophilia Educational Program, developed by Icelandic singer Björk, is to enter the curriculum of schools across the Nordic region, thanks to Nordic Council co-operation.

Björk’s Biophilia Educational Program was featured in The Observer (Sunday edition of The Guardian) this weekend, ahead of a full interview with the singer to be published this coming Sunday.

The Biophilia Program is a wide-ranging project built on the participation of academics, scientists, artists, teachers and students in all school years. At its core is the use of creativity as an educational and research tool, connecting natural sciences, music and technology together in innovative ways. The Icelandic government has been experimenting with the Program in its schools and is now engaged in a Nordic Council funded project to bring the Program into all the region’s schools.

In addition to Iceland, the program has so far been run successfully in Paris, Oslo, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Manchester, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“[The Program is] really popular with kids who have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) or dyslexia because it gets away from the classroom-bound, traditional nature of the Icelandic curriculum,” Björk says. "Unfortunately, it means we have to sit down and write a curriculum, and that's a contradiction."

The article also mentions the Stopp! nature protection awareness fundraising concert which took place at the Harpa concert and conference center this March. Some ISK 35 million (EUR 226,380/USD 306,990) was collected by the widely publicized concert and only adds to “the rising profile of Icelandic singer Björk as an environmental guru of our times”, to quote the article.

“That's a lot of money in Iceland,” she said. “We decided we're going to start a national park in the center of the island, instead of fighting with the rednecks, we'll just get on and do it.”


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