Free Reykjavík Insect Tour Planned


Free Reykjavík Insect Tour Planned

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A free tour aims to turn people on to Iceland’s interesting insects.

People interested in Iceland’s insect life are invited to see the insects’ world in a bit more detail this evening.

Two University of Iceland professors will lead the guided walk in the Elliðaárdalur nature reserve, near central Reykjavík.

“Insects are without doubt the most varied category of animals on the planet and the variety of insects in Iceland has increased in recent years,” the organizers say.

Anyone with even a passing interest in the tiny hidden world of insects is invited to meet this evening (Thursday) at 19.00 by the old geothermal power station by Elliðaár river. “Walkers are encouraged to bring a magnifying glass with them.”

The free guided walk is part of the co-operative project between the University of Iceland and the Icelandic Touring Association.

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