Ptarmigan Stock Recovering in Some Places


Ptarmigan Stock Recovering in Some Places

ptarmigan rjúpa

Photo: Wikipedia

The number of ptarmigan in Iceland has increased by an average of 40 percent between the years 2013 and 2014.

According to a stock census on the important game bird by the Icelandic natural history institute, the increase is very much regional and that in the south and the northwest of Iceland the number of ptarmigan is the same or lower than a year ago.

The institute’s website says that the latest results are congruous with a count last spring and that the period of contracting ptarmigan population only lasted for two or three years.

RÚV reports that such periods usually last for five to eight years. Despite the recent increases, the number of ptarmigan in Iceland is still below average.

Further analysis, and an assessment of the stock’s capacity to withstand hunting this autumn, are expected from the institute in August.

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