Search for Missing Woman Winding Down


Search for Missing Woman Winding Down

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Photo: Landsbjörg.

The search continues for a woman who disappeared in Fljótshlíð in southern Iceland a week ago, but the number of people searching has now been cut back.

According to Sveinn Kristján Rúnarsson, the chief of police in Hvolsvöllur, there were only between ten and twenty people searching for the woman yesterday.

“If no new leads come up then there will just be monitoring of specific sites,” Sveinn told Ví

The search for the Icelandic woman and her non-Icelandic friend began on Tuesday. The friend was found dead soon afterwards, thought to have drowned, but the search for the Icelandic lady has still not come up with anything.

“As long as nothing is found, there’s always hope,” Sveinn says.

Search & rescue worker Þorsteinn Þorkelsson said late last week:

“ 90 percent of searches finish within six to eight hours, but once there have been maybe three or four search cycles, one is plagued by thoughts. Sooner or later one always has to make the decision to stop the search. Of course that is only done if we feel we have fully finished all criteria of the search.”


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