Backpacking With Cardboard Father


Backpacking With Cardboard Father

Jinna Yang

Photo: Jinna Yang.

Jinna Yang’s world tour with a cardboard cutout of her father has been closely followed on the internet.

Jinna has been blogging photos from her trip in recent days; a trip she is taking to honor her father. Her first destination was Iceland.

British outlets the Daily Mail and People have both covered Jinna’s travels, including photos of her and her cardboard father. He is lifesize and dressed in a tuxedo.

Jinna says on her blog that her goal is to visit all the countries her father had dreamt of seeing. He was a wealthy man, but died prematurely of cancer.

Jinna states that she was living a life of luxury at the time her father passed away. “In most people’s eyes I had everything people my age dream of – a beautiful apartment and a well-paid job.”

She decided to sell everything she had and buy a ticket to Iceland, along with a real-size cardboard version of her dad. “My father never had the chance to travel the world. He sacrificed his entire life for others – his parents, his children, his wife, his family and his friends. At 51, he was diagnosed with cancer, just one year before his own father passed away from the disease. Before he had the chance to realize his own dreams, cancer took him from the world and it was the hardest thing that we had ever been through, individually and as a family.”

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