Deceased Woman Did Not Drown


Deceased Woman Did Not Drown

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Photo: Landsbjörg.

The woman found dead in Bleiksárgljúfur last week died because of a 30 meter fall over the waterfall in the canyon.

Police chief in Hvolsvöllur, Sveinn K. Rúnarsson, confirmed this news yesterday; adding that there is no indication that the woman’s death is anything other than an accident.

The deceased woman was Pino Beccerra Bolaños, and autopsy results now show that she died as a result of falling 30 meters, and not by drowning, as had previously been stated. The search for her Icelandic companion continues, Ví reports.

Around 20 people were out looking for her yesterday, including an area along the shore and down along Markarfljót.

The women were staying at a summerhouse near Bleiksárgljúfur over Whitsun weekend and an organized search began for them last Tuesday, after they did not arrive for work after the weekend.


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