Man Dies Following Assault


Man Dies Following Assault

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A man who was attacked in North Iceland last Saturday has died of his injuries, police say.

The man was brutally attacked in the town of Hvammstangi on Saturday night. He was in his thirties and called Tomasz Grzegorz Krzeczkowsk.

He was taken by ambulance to Reykjavík for treatment after the attack, as his life-threatening injuries meant he needed to go to a major hospital. After several days, hope started to fade that he would make a recovery.

Police have confirmed he died of a sharp blow to the head, which broke his skull and caused bleeding in the brain.

Four men have been arrested, suspected of carrying out the attack. Two were released yesterday evening, while the other two remain in police custody in Akureyri. The investigation is in full swing.

Prayers and memorials have taken place in Hvammstangi, including a special church service. The local priest told RÚV that the public service was organized in co-operation with the victim’s friends.

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