Thirty-Eight Percent of Icelanders to Holiday Abroad


Thirty-Eight Percent of Icelanders to Holiday Abroad

Keflavík International Airport. Photo: Geir Ólafsson.

A total of 38.2 percent of Icelanders plan to travel abroad for their summer vacation compared to 35.2 percent last summer, according to a new poll conducted by MMR. Fifty-two percent of the population plan to travel domestically and not abroad, while 7.2 percent plan to only travel abroad. Eighty-three percent plan to do some travel within Iceland this summer.

People living in Reykjavík are more likely to travel abroad in the summer than those who live in the countryside. Monthly income is also a determining factor with people with salaries of ISK 600,000 (USD 5,300, EUR 3,900) or higher being more likely to travel overseas than those with lower incomes.

Supporters of Bright Future and the Social Democrats are the most likely to spend their summer traveling in Iceland while supporters of the Pirate Party were the most likely to go abroad.

The poll was conducted June 8-23.

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