Ship with On-board Water Factory Planned


Ship with On-board Water Factory Planned

Icelandic Water Lines ship

Photo: Icelandic Water Lines.

The Icelandic company Icelandic Water Line plans to build a 105,000 ton ship with on-board facilities for water bottling, including a plastic factory.

Icelandic Water Line was founded in 2009 by Kjartan Ragnarsson and Ómar Már Jónsson. They have acquired access rights to water sources on the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

The vessel will be able to carry a 75 million liter load, and if all goes according to plan, it should be ready for business in four years.

“We have hired a very powerful firm in the United States that will handle the marketing of our products,” Kjartan told The products will be marketed under the label Icelandic Water Line, among others.

The ship is designed to be as energy efficient as possible. According to Kjartan, the design of the ship and the concept of combining production and transportation could significantly lower associated costs.

“The ship will utilize the energy derived from the warmth of its engines for the production lines. On-board there will be several production lines that take up a lot of energy and so therefore the ship can maximize on this energy in a way that other ships cannot,” Kjartan said.

Kjartan presented the project to investors and entrepreneurs at a closed meeting held by Kauphöllin, the Iceland Stock Exchange, (NASDAQ OMX Iceland) in Harpa in May. He declined to comment on the estimated cost but stated that several investment offers are currently being evaluated.

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