Passengers Rescued from Stranded Whale-watching Boat


Passengers Rescued from Stranded Whale-watching Boat

Haukur whale-watching boat

Haukur. Photo: Hanno Grünberg.

Twenty-one people were rescued from the puffin and whale-watching boat Haukur after it got stranded on Lundey island in Skjálfandi Bay, North Iceland, shortly before 6 pm yesterday. A statement from the company, Norðursigling, stated that the accident was caused by human error. The boat sailed too close to land, reports.

The vessel was refloated and arrived back in the harbor at around 11 pm last night. Damage to the boat was reportedly negligible and no leaking occurred.

Lundey is approximately four miles from Húsavík so search and rescue arrived several minutes after receiving the distress call, reports. Around 50 people were involved in the rescue, including search and rescue members, firefighters, police and others.

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