Icelandic Cherries Enter the Market


Icelandic Cherries Enter the Market


Photo: Wikipedia.

To add to the variety of Icelandic berries, cherries are now being grown at greenhouse farm Engi in Laugarás, South Iceland, and this summer’s harvest is looking good. Engi’s products are mainly sold at the farm’s fruit and vegetable market.

For three years, Icelandic raspberries have been grown at the nearby horticulture center Kvistar in Reykholt, Biskupstungur. Demand is good and growing, but the weather this summer may affect the harvest, reports.

Icelandic strawberries from greenhouses have also been available in limited supply in the past years. Greenhouse-grown fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, are very popular in Iceland and generally preferred over imported varieties.

Wild strawberries can be found in Iceland, but the most common wild berries are blueberries and crowberries, which usually ripen in late summer.

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