Petition to Keep BBC World Service in Reykjavík


Petition to Keep BBC World Service in Reykjavík


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A petition urging 365 Media to renew its license to BBC World Service radio has been added to, reports.

Listeners in Reykjavík were surprised when FM 94.3, the frequency at which BBC is broadcast, went dead last week. It was later announced that 365 had decided not to renew its broadcasting license with the BBC. The company reasoned that it receives no income from the station and access to the BBC via the internet is excellent.

“We do live on a tiny, tiny island and there is a big, big world out there with millions and millions of people and stories. So in order to keep up with the world we need to preserve the flow of ideas and human stories from all over. It’s even more important here than elsewhere to put our country in the global context,” the petition reads.

At the time of writing, 250 people had signed the petition.

UPDATE: As of Friday morning, 500 people have signed the petition.

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