Search and Rescue Assist Troubled Hikers


Search and Rescue Assist Troubled Hikers

TF-LIF Icelandic Coastguard Helicopter

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A man was found injured in the remote Jökulfirðir in the West Fjords today. The hiker was poorly equipped and slipped in and out of consciousness. He appeared to have fallen and suffered head trauma, and probably bone fractures too.

Search and rescue volunteers were called out, as well as a Coast Guard helicopter. The helicopter had to take an injured motorcyclist in Búðardalur, West Iceland, to hospital in Reykjavík before tending to the hiker in the West Fjords, reports.

A traveler found the man by coincidence approximately an hour’s walk from Hesteyri. The ranger in Hesteyri was notified and arrived to the scene before search and rescue got there.

On Friday, search and rescue in Hornafjörður, Southeast Iceland, were called out to pick up a hiker, who had left Hoffell on Wednesday and didn’t return at the set time.

The hiker, who was experienced and well-equipped, managed to inform his wife that he was cold and exhausted and stranded at a river in Hoffellsdalur that proved too difficult to cross.

Search and rescue were quick to locate the man, who was unharmed, and take him to his wife in Höfn, reports.


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