Iceland Regrets Israel-Palestine Conflict


Iceland Regrets Israel-Palestine Conflict

Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson

Icelandic Minister for Foreign Affairs Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson. Photo: Geir Ólafsson.

Icelandic Minister for Foreign Affairs Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson has expressed deep concern over the conflict in Gaza, regretting the deaths of civilians, including a number of children, in Israel’s air strikes in the region.

“I condemn all violence and the use of arms in the region. It’s an explicit demand that the Israeli government cease all attacks on Gaza, which have lead to disaster for civilians. At the same time, attacks on Israel must come to an end,” Gunnar said in a statement.

Gunnar added that it’s a matter of deep concern that all attempts at ceasefire have shattered. Both parties are responsible for the conflict and must work towards a peaceful solution, he maintained.

However, given its advantage in armed forces, Israel’s responsibility is even greater, Gunnar stated, as the number of civilian fatalities in Gaza bear witness to.

“A peaceful solution in the Israel-Palestine conflict must be found and it lies in the two-state solution. Once again a tragic setback had occurred in this decades-old conflict,” Gunnar went on.

“It’s a matter of concern how powerless the UN Security Council has proven in dealing with the conflict. I consider it of utmost importance that the UN Security Council use all possible means to solve the conflict,” the minister concluded.


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