Wikileaks Wants Investigation of Siggi and FBI


Wikileaks Wants Investigation of Siggi and FBI


Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Wikileaks has demanded that Danish authorities investigate whether laws were broken when the FBI met with Icelandic citizen Sigurður Þórðarson, aka Siggi ‘the hacker,’ in the country on three occasions, following meetings in Iceland in early 2013.

Siggi provided the FBI with insider information about Wikileaks, reports.

“It’s illegal activities on Danish soil. We find it hard to believe that it took place without permission from authorities,” Wikileaks spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson told

Wikileaks believe that Danish authorities are denying their collaboration with the FBI. PET, the Danish secret service, would not comment to Politiken on the story and Jutland police authorities stated that no one had heard of the FBI’s meeting with Siggi in Århus.


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