Landowners Encourage Travelers to Avoid Areas near Mývatn


Landowners Encourage Travelers to Avoid Areas near Mývatn


Near Lake Mývatn.Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Travel agencies have been warned not to take tourists to certain areas near Lake Mývatn after an injunction was placed on fee collection in the area, in particular to the hot springs near Námaskarð and the caldera of Leirhnjúkur-Krafla where the landowners at Reykjahlíð have been charging for admission over the past month.

In a statement from the landowners association, it is claimed that the areas are dangerous, there have never been more visitors and no one cleans up the trash left behind, reports.

The landowners claim that the ban is ultimately not favorable to either Icelandic nature or to tourism. There is currently no supervision of the area, where hazardous hot springs are located, and no one is in charge of cleaning up.

The magistrate at Húsavík recently put in place the injunction after receiving a ISK 40 million (USD 350,000; EUR 260,000) insurance deposit.


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