Employees in Tourism Sector Warned Against Involving Unions


Employees in Tourism Sector Warned Against Involving Unions


Ísafjörður, the West Fjords. Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Several cases of employees in the restaurant and tourism industries being threatened by their employers when they attempt to seek assistance from unions have been reported by the Labor Union of the West Fjords (Verkalýðsfélag Vestfirðinga). In most of these incidences, employees have rightfully suspected their employers of breaking union laws, visir.is reports.

One of the most common issues is of employees being offered flat wages, which are illegal in Iceland. That is when a single rate, often slightly above the minimum wage for day work, is paid for day, night and weekend work, as well as overtime. The union has reminded people that this practice is illegal. The union also stated that they had received reports of people being asked at the time of their hiring to keep the union out of all discussions of pay and conditions.

Those who are most often taken advantage of in this way are those least likely to be informed and therefore the most vulnerable, such as young people and foreigners.

These reports come at a time when the tourism industry in Iceland is at an all-time high. The union encourages people to become familiar with their rights.

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