Good Berry Harvest Outlook in North and East


Good Berry Harvest Outlook in North and East


Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

It appears as if the wild berry season will be good in North and East Iceland this year. The regions have enjoyed high temperatures and a lot of sunshine this summer. The outlook is not as promising in South and West Iceland because of extensive rain in those parts.

“In May it seemed as if the berry harvest would be good all over the country. The spring was off to a good start but in the beginning of June there was a cold spell and heavy rain in South and West Iceland, which has a bad effect on the growth of berries,” berry enthusiast Konráð B. Pálmason, who runs berry information website, told Morgunblaðið.

“However, it only takes two to three weeks of warmth for the berries to get a growth spurt, so there’s still hope,” Konráð added on a more optimistic note.


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