Breast Milk Ice Cream Available in Iceland


Breast Milk Ice Cream Available in Iceland

Ice cream.

Photo: Páll Kjartansson.

Icelandic ice cream company Kjörís is set to produce ice cream made from breast milk. The new experimental product, dubbed Búbís, will be offered on Ísdagurinn (‘Ice Cream Day’) in the town of Hveragerði, where the company is based, on August 16.

“This is just normal ice cream except for instead of milk coming from a cow, it comes from a woman,” Guðrún Hafsteinsdóttir, head of Kjörís explained to

Several mothers in the town donated their milk for the project.

Guðrún revealed that the idea for the new ice cream came after a prank call from a local radio station with the radio host offering Guðrún her breast milk to make ice cream. Later, when Guðrún realized that the call had been a joke, she told the radio hosts that they shouldn’t have gotten her so worked up as she had gone to work on the project immediately.

In the interview with, Guðrún stressed that it was completely optional to taste the ice cream and that no one should feel forced to do so. She did point out, though, that the milk is pasteurized and produced under existing regulations.

Hveragerði’s Ice Cream Day takes place from 1to 4 pm on August 16. Other experimental flavors include cottage cheese and harðfiskur (dried fish).

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