Two Sexual Offenses Reported after the Weekend


Two Sexual Offenses Reported after the Weekend

Police car

Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Two sexual offenses that occurred during the long festival weekend, Verlunarmannahelgi, have been reported to the police in Selfoss, South Iceland.

One of the cases involved a young man walking in on a woman in a public bathroom in Flúðir and the other a violation that allegedly occurred in a private home in Selfoss, reports.

Both of these cases are under investigation.

Two assaults were reported in Flúðir, one involved a knife and the other was minor. One break-in, eleven minor traffic accidents and five other accidents were reported in the region.

“The police in Selfoss would like to thank those drivers who were respectful towards others in traffic and also those who reported drivers demonstrating hazardous practices, who, in many cases, were caught by the police … Everything contributed to no serious accidents occurring during this heavy traffic weekend,” the police stated.


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