Off-Road Driving Can Result in ISK 500,000 Fine


Off-Road Driving Can Result in ISK 500,000 Fine

The car of a tourist stuck in the mud because of off-road driving near Lakagígar in the Icelandic highlands.

The unfortunate tourist's car. Photo: From the Facebook page of the police in Hvolsvöllur.

Police officers who were patrolling the Vatnajökull National Park near Lakagígar in the southern highlands, yesterday came upon a small SUV stuck in a mossy bog. The driver, a foreign tourist, had veered off the road in order to avoid a puddle, but ended up in the bog. Off-road driving can result in fines of up to ISK 500,000 (USD 4,350, EUR 3,225), reports.

The police department in Hvolsvöllur, a small town in South Iceland near the borders of the national park, put up an announcement on their Facebook page with a picture of the car, and warned other travelers against the doing the same, as those who partake in illegal off-road driving risk having to pay high fines.

The case has been duly processed by the police department.


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