Teeth Pulled from Sperm Whale Carcass


Teeth Pulled from Sperm Whale Carcass

A beached sperm whale in Trékyllisvík, Árneshreppur, Iceland's West Fjords.

The beached sperm whale. Photo: Jón G. Guðjónsson.

The dead sperm whale that drifted ashore in Trékyllisvík in Árneshreppur, in the eastern West Fjords, earlier this week will likely be dragged back into the ocean and sunk so that it won’t pollute the beach. Locals have pulled all of the carcass’ 38 teeth.

The whale drifted ashore on the land of Finnbogastaðir, which means that the landowners can claim the carcass. In centuries past, a beached whale was considered a great boon but that is no longer the case, Guðbrandur Albertsson, the farmer’s brother, told visir.is.

However, Guðbrandur believes the teeth might be worth something. “We heard there may be some demand for them but we don’t know for sure yet.

Guðbrandur is not concerned that the carcass will blow up and explode on the beach. “There was a hole in it … The intestines were hanging out so I don’t think it will blow up.”

Even so, locals have discussed dragging the carcass out to sea at high tide and sinking it to prevent it from decaying on the beach, causing a bad odor and organic pollution.


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