No More Camping in Landmannalaugar?


No More Camping in Landmannalaugar?

Camping at Landmannalaugar

Camping in Landmannalaugar. Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

The municipality of Rangárþing is preparing a new plan for the popular highland area Landmannalaugar that includes a ban on allowing visitors to stay overnight at the site.

Kristinn Guðnason of the municipality’s planning committee said in an interview with Morgunblaðið today that the area cannot handle any more visitors and that accommodation must be moved to the edges of settled areas.

“Our strategy is to build accommodation on the edges of settled areas, not in the wilderness itself. The public will then be able to experience Landmannalaugar like it was before the number of visitors multiplied. Landmannalaugar can’t handle all these tents,” Kristinn said.

He added that new huts will be built on the edge of Landmannalaugar and existing huts will be used to service day visitors.


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