Increased Funding to Save Icelandic Goat Stock


Increased Funding to Save Icelandic Goat Stock

Icelandic goats

Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

A task force appointed by the Icelandic Ministry of Agriculture has submitted proposals on how the Icelandic goat stock can be supported, including immediate increased funding.

The goat stock, counting only 850, is below the population of 1,000 to be considered safe under the UN Rio Convention.

The task force further suggests a special strategy to support the breeding of goats and continued development of a sperm bank for buck sperm, Fréttablaðið reports.

The future prospects of the Icelandic goat stock worsened suddenly with news that the country’s largest goat farm is about to go bankrupt, which would result in all the farm’s goats being sent to the slaughterhouse.


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