Hundreds More Want Iceland as Norway’s 20th County


Hundreds More Want Iceland as Norway’s 20th County

Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway. Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Around 700 Icelanders registered with Fylkisflokkurinn (‘The County Party’), which wants the country to become Norway’s 20th county, within a period of 48 hours earlier this week, reports. A special registration site was set up for this purpose.

The group, which was recently formed by director of the National Center of Addiction Medicine (SÁÁ) and former Fréttablaðið editor Gunnar Smári Egilsson, aims for the “re-unification of Iceland and Norway.” The idea is that the Norwegian government would protect and promote Icelandic culture while Icelanders would enjoy all the same rights as Norwegians.

Many Icelanders living in Norway have been posting information about their experiences living in the country as well as salary information, which is then compared with that in Iceland.

Gunnar has also compiled a list of Icelandic institutions, and their costs in tax money, to emphasize the financial burden on Iceland and the costs that could be saved if Norway were to administer them. Gunnar also argues that Iceland is too small “to raise and nurture properly talented people.”

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