Copenhagen Most Popular Destination among Icelanders


Copenhagen Most Popular Destination among Icelanders

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen. Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

According to the website, the majority of Icelandic flight passengers during the month of July headed to Copenhagen.

London has long been the most popular destination among passengers from Iceland, with roughly 25 percent of planes departing from Keflavík International Airport over the winter months destined for the British capital. It has now been demoted to second place by the Danish capital.

Trips to Paris and New York have increased somewhat significantly over the high season, bringing them both above Oslo on the list, which on average is the third most popular destination. In total 52 destinations were on offer in July through airlines flying from Keflavík.

Below is the list of July destinations in order of popularity:

Copenhagen: 8.7 percent
London: 8.2 percent
Paris: 6.9 percent
New York: 6.3 percent
Oslo: 5.9 percent
Boston: 5.1 percent
Amsterdam: 4.4 percent
Stockholm: 3.5 percent
Berlin: 3 percent
Frankfurt: 2.5 percent

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