Justin Timberlake Iceland Concert Bait in Phishing


Justin Timberlake Iceland Concert Bait in Phishing


Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

On a website called n1leikur.net, in the name of Icelandic patrol station chain N1, people were asked to type in their personal identification numbers (kennitala) and register into their Facebook accounts “for security reasons” yesterday for the chance to win two tickets for the sold-out Justin Timberlake concert in Iceland on August 24. This turned out to be a case of phishing, an attempt to acquire personal information.

A number of people shared the website on social media yesterday and participated in the “game” in hopes of winning tickets to the concert.

Managing director of N1’s marketing division Halldór Harðarson told visir.is that the company was notified of the faux website this morning.

Halldór stated the individuals whose IP address was registered to the website have been contacted and that N1’s lawyers are looking into the affair. A lawsuit may be pending, he added.

People who participated in the “game” are encouraged to change their passwords on Facebook.


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