Man in Custody on Suspicion of Child Abuse


Man in Custody on Suspicion of Child Abuse

Police car

Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

A man, who is in his thirties, was taken into custody by the police in Akureyri, Northeast Iceland, last week, where he will remain until August 22, on suspicion of having committed sexual violations against two eight-year-old boys.

“Such offenses against children are always taken very seriously,” assistant chief constable Gunnar Jóhannesson told Fréttablaðið.

The case concerns one incident where both boys were subject to sexual violations at the same time. The boys’ parents reported the incident to the police on Wednesday. They said they knew the man’s identity and he was arrested shortly afterwards.

The police stated the investigation is progressing well.

In related news, the investigation of four cases of sexual offense that were reported after the Verslunarmannahelgi (Merchants Weekend) festivals are going well.

A fifth case concerning a woman seeking emergency assistance after a violation in Vestmannaeyjar was not reported to the police and is therefore not under investigation.

Fréttablaðið revealed yesterday that on occasion victims of rape who seek assistance from the emergency ward for sufferers of sexual abuse at Landspítali National University Hospital are asked to come back later because there is no doctor available.


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