More than Ever Attend Reykjavík Culture Night


More than Ever Attend Reykjavík Culture Night

The fireworks show during Reykjavík Culture Night in 2014.

The fireworks show, marking the end of a successful Reykjavík Culture Night. Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

More people than ever, over 100,000, crowded Reykjavík city center on Saturday to participate in the Culture Night celebrations. The festival’s organizers were thrilled. However, the police were rather busy after the organized program ended at midnight.

“It was just wonderful and I’d like to thank everyone who was involved and made it so much fun,” director of Visit Reykjavík Einar Bárðarson told

A larger area than usual was closed for cars, resulting in an increased number of people traveling to the city center by public bus, bicycle or by foot. Nearly 1,100 drivers were fined for illegal parking.

A number of people stayed on after the Culture Night program ended at midnight. The police had to deal with ten minor assaults, four drug cases and teenage drinking. Prison cells were filled with people who needed to sleep their intoxication off.

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