Possible Eruption under Bárðarbunga


Possible Eruption under Bárðarbunga

Earthquakes and possible eruption site August 27, 2014

Possible eruption site and development of earthquake activity. Photo: Jóhannes Benediktsson.

The Civil Protection Department issued a statement at 11 pm explaining that as of yet there is no sign of an eruption on the surface. However, the center at Skógarhlíð in Reykjavík will be on active duty during the night. Víðir Reynisson, the department's director, said that an eruption cannot be ruled out.

The Icelandic Met Office has issues a short report on the flight of TF-SIF over Vatnajökull:

"A cauldron [also known as a low or caldera] was observed in the glacier at 64°34,80' N and 17°21,30' W. The cauldron seems to be shallow, but many small crevasses/fractures. Ice thickness probably 400-600 m.

Possibly 1-2 other cauldrons/lows but unconfirmed, one ~2 km SSE of the largest one, the other 2 km to the NNW. This is approximately where the dyke extends from, ESE of the caldera itself. Also likely that there are extensional fractures on the surface in the lava N of the glacier."

We have put together a map with the information about the cauldron to show the development of earthquakes according to size and center of activity. The size of the box indicates the amount of energy which is released by the earthquakes, i.e. the larger the box, the more energy released. The dates are also indicated.

At the same time as the earthquake activity is moving to the north the possible eruption is under Bárðarbunga, the volcano under the glacier, close to where the earthquake activity started.


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