Akureyri in No-Fly Domestic Zone


Akureyri in No-Fly Domestic Zone

Holuhraun eruption domestic no fly zone

Domestic no-fly map, issued by ISAVIA.

Akureyri is in the no-fly domestic zone (see map).

ISAVIA which manages air traffic in the Icelandic control area has issued a statement on domestic air traffic:

"A small volcanic eruption has started north of the Vatnajokull Glacier in Iceland producing lava flow but little airborne ash material. The Reykjavik Air Traffic Control Center has declared a 130 KM (83 NM) long wedge shaped area northwest of the site which can only be entered following visual flight rules as conditions allow. The area includes Akureyri International Airport in northern Iceland. Other airports are not affected. Aviators are advised to consult issued notices to airmen (NOTAM)."

Please follow flight updates here.


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