Eruption Seen from North Iceland


Eruption Seen from North Iceland

Holuhraun eruption

A screenshot from Míla's webcam at 1:30 am, about an hour and a half after the eruption started in Holuhraun. Photo:

A volcanic fissure eruption started shortly after midnight in the Holuhraun lava field north of Vatnajökull glacier. The eruption is a lava eruption at the moment, producing minimal ash.

Farmer Bragi Benediktsson at Grímsstaðir á Fjöllum, Northeast Iceland, says that he sees the glow from the eruption in Holuhraun. His farm is located about 100 km (60 miles) from the eruption site. “I can just see the glow from the eruption. It seems to be small, at least from here,” he tells

Bragi says it is clouded, but the clouds are high and visibility is good. “I see that sometimes [the glow] disappears completely."

A guesthouse is run at Grímsstaðir and among those staying with Bragi is a group of tourists from Spain. He says he isn't sure whether this is worth waking them up for, even though it may be the first eruption they have ever seen.

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