Eruption Getting Stronger, Clearly Visible on Webcam


Eruption Getting Stronger, Clearly Visible on Webcam

Holuhraun eruption

The Holuhraun eruption at 11 pm, Sunday, August 31. Photo:

The eruption that started Sunday morning is steady and the lava flow continues. If anything, the activity is greater now than what it was this morning. The action can clearly be seen on webcam. Some viewers abroad get a better connection this way. (Then select Bárðarbunga or Bárðarbunga 2; the second option shows more action).

Volcanologist Ármann Höskuldsson told RÚV that the lava is getting thicker. He reckoned that the lava flow was 300 to 400 cubic meters (about 10,000 cubic feet) per second. The action is now greater on the northern side of the fissure.

“Of course this is magnificent to see, because the whole rift is on fire,” Ármann told RÚV. "It looks a bit like a glowing dragon."

The Icelandic Met Office stated at 6 pm: “Now about 700 earthquakes have been detected since midnight. An earthquake M4.9 occurred at 16:12 on the northern rim of the Bárðarbunga caldera. The main seismic activity has been in the intrusive dike. Only a few quakes have been located near the caldera's rim, mostly its northern part. Little seismic activity has been near Askja but some seismic activity near Herðubreiðartögl.“


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