Eruption: Large Earthquakes and Continued Lava Flow


Eruption: Large Earthquakes and Continued Lava Flow

Holuhraun eruption

Sunrise at Holuhraun at 6:30 am. Photo:

Three large earthquakes shook Bárðarbunga during the night. The first, of magnitude 3.9, occurred at 2:25 am 4.4 km northeast of the volcano, the second, of magnitude 4.2, at 3:09 am 5.2 km east-southeast of Bárðarbunga and the third, of magnitude 4.5, at 5:00 am 5.3 km northeast of Bárðarbunga, RÚV reports.

Large earthquakes have occurred previously in that area. Many but smaller earthquakes have originated in the area stretching from Dyngjujökull, an outlet glacier on the northern side of Vatnajökull, and north along the intrusive dike to the fissure eruption in Holuhraun.

The lava flow is stable, according to Icelandic Met Office. The activity is greater in the northern part of the 1.5 to 2.0-km (about a mile) long fissure, but the southernmost part of the fissure has also become active again after falling asleep for a while.

The lava is still visible on webcams (here and here). This morning at 6:30 am the blend of smoke and morning light turned strangely golden for a moment.


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