Icelandic Tuna Sparks Interest in Japan


Icelandic Tuna Sparks Interest in Japan

Fishing boats

Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Tuna caught in Icelandic waters sparked a lot of interest in Japan last week when it was sold on the Tokyo fish market, reports.

Each fish, weighing an average of 132 kg (291 lbs), sold for up to ISK 680,000 (USD 5,800, EUR 4,420) or ISK 5,000 per kilo. It is hoped that a higher price can be fetched this autumn.

A total of 14 tuna fish were brought to land at Grindavík harbor, Southwest Iceland, yesterday, adding to the 11 which had already been brought to land there.

It is very rare for tuna to be caught by Icelandic ships.


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