Intensity of Eruption Unclear


Intensity of Eruption Unclear

Holuhraun eruption

The lava on September 1. Photo: Institute of Earth Scienes.

The Holuhraun eruption may be smaller than yesterday, but this afternoon its intensity seems to have increased. Volcanologist Ármann Höskuldsson went with other scientists to the eruption fissure this afternoon. He says it is difficult to assess the size of the eruption and future developments. The lava fountains have now reached a height of 30 to 50 meters (100 to 160 feet) again. The fissure is on fire from end to end.

Geophysicist Magnús Tumi Guðmundsson flew over the eruption this morning and thinks the eruption is still quite powerful, even though it may be only one third of what it was yesterday. The lava has increased by about one square kilometer (0.4 square mile) since yesterday. The lava flow the last 19 hours is estimated to be around 100 cubic meters (3,000 cubic feet) per second. RÚV showed an aerial video of the eruption taken this afternoon.

The webcams (here and here) seem to show much less activity than on Sunday night around 10 pm local time.


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