Two-Hundred-and-Fifty Earthquakes Since Midnight


Two-Hundred-and-Fifty Earthquakes Since Midnight

Earthquake map September 1, 2014

A map showing the seismic activity during the last 48 hours. The green stars indicate earthquakes greater than magnitude 3.0. Photo: Icelandic Met Office.

Around 250 earthquakes were detected by automatic meters from midnight until 06:50 this morning. Most of them were located in the northern part of the intrusive dike, between the eruption site and south to about 10 km (6 miles) into Dyngjujökull, according to the Icelandic Met Office.

The strongest events in that area were around magnitude 2.0. The rate of events has decreased as a result of pressure release due to the eruption but there is still ongoing continuous seismicity.

As reported earlier this morning, stronger earthquakes were detected in the Bárðarbunga caldera this morning, the strongest being magnitude 4.2 and 4.5.

The strongest event in the Askja region was magnitude 2.9 earthquake. The Icelandic Met Office points out that seismic activity is common in the area and that the current activity is not necessarily caused by increased stress due to the dike.

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