Icelander to Stage Robin Hood on Broadway


Icelander to Stage Robin Hood on Broadway

From the play 'Heart of Robin Hood.'

From the play. Photo: Vesturport.

Icelandic actor and director Gísli Örn Garðarsson has been hired to stage David Farr’s The Heart of Robin Hood on Broadway. They play, which originally premiered in the Royal Shakespeare Theater in Stratford-upon-Avon in the U.K. at Christmas 2011, is set to open on Broadway in March 2015.

Since opening in the U.K. to much critical acclaim, the play has been on the road. It has been staged in Bergen, Norway; Boston, U.S.; Winnipeg, Canada; and will travel to Uppsala, Sweden; and Toronto, Canada, before arriving at Broadway, as stated on

Gísli stated in an interview on RÚV’s news magazine Kastljós yesterday that American theater producers had watched the play and wooed him to bring it to Broadway.

They were eager to have their people participate in the production but Gísli said he had insisted on keeping his team, including Icelandic actor Ólafur Darri Ólafsson as Pierre, Marion’s assistant.



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