Magnitude 4.8 Earthquake in Bárðarbunga


Magnitude 4.8 Earthquake in Bárðarbunga

Bárðarbunga volcano in Vatnajökull glacier.

Bárðarbunga. Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

A 4.8 magnitude earthquake hit 4.7 km (2 miles) north-northeast of Bárðarbunga volcano in Vatnajökull glacier at 3:45 this morning. The epicenter was in the northern rim of the caldera. Four quakes of magnitude above 4.0 have hit in the same area in the past two days.

The unrest picked up by sensors in the intrusive dike yesterday subsided at 9:30 pm and wasn’t detected again during the night, the Icelandic Met Office reported this morning.

However, minor seismic activity was picked up in the dike, both at its northern end and under Dyngjujökull outlet glacier, to the east of Askja volcano and north of the mountain Herðubreið, which is new.

Volcanic activity in the fissure eruption in Holuhraun remains stable.

The Iceland Review team, which arrived at the eruption site yesterday morning, had to evacuate the area along with everyone else in the afternoon due to increased risk of a sub-glacial eruption. They are now on their way back to Reykjavík.



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