Expedition to the Volcano Going Well (Photos)


Expedition to the Volcano Going Well (Photos)

Camera at Holuhraun ER

Shooting at the volcano. Photo: Elisabetta Rosso

The Iceland Review team left for the eruption early this morning with Páll Stefánsson, Iceland Review editor and photographer leading a group of four: journalist Zoë Robert and photographers Elisabetta Rosso from Italy and Louis Emile Robert from Australia.

Goats on the road.

Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

They landed in Akureyri shortly after 9 am and bought some food and, of course, a gas mask for Elisabetta. Gas masks are hard to come by so that took a while, but everyone lent a helping hand, including a guy who overheard that they were looking for a gas mask and told them he had one at his store. On their way to the eruption site they encountered a small herd of horses and goats.

Holuhraun from afar

Winter is arriving in Iceland and the team drove through snow to reach the site. At 5:13 pm they passed the hut at Drekagil, which the guards and scientists use as a camp.

Elisabetta Rosso with the drone

Photo: Zoë Robert.

About 40 minutes later (24.8 kilometers) the team arrived at the site.

Elisabetta put together her drone and had it flying in less than half an hour.

Holuhraun ER

Photo: Elisabetta Rosso.

The conditions at the volcano were nice but cold. The temperature was about -3°C with light wind and light snow: excellent for photographing.

The team will stay in the area tonight and will return to the eruption site early tomorrow morning.

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