Reykjavík Multicultural Council Elections and Congress


Reykjavík Multicultural Council Elections and Congress

Intercultural Day Reykjavík 2013

From Reykjavík Intercultural Day 2013. Photo: Zoë Robert.

The third Reykjavík Multicultural Congress ‘Let’s Talk,’ held every second year since 2010, will take place at Reykjavík City Hall next Saturday, November 15, from 10 am to 3 pm alongside elections for representatives to the Multicultural Council of Reykjavík.

The congress provides immigrants with the opportunity to have a voice and be heard, the objective being to help improve city services with immigrants and meet the needs of new residents in the city by hearing it from their own voices.

Round table discussions, held in ten languages—Icelandic, English, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Spanish and Arabic—on topics including education, mutual integration, immigrant rights, diversity training and the reception of new residents will be held.

Also on Saturday, three candidates, who will act as representatives of the immigrant community, will be elected to the Multicultural Council. An additional two representatives will be chosen by the City Council.

Immigrants 18 years and older who will attend the congress are invited to apply for candidacy.

Registration to attend closes today, Monday, November 10. To register, email [email protected] or call 411 4153 and state your name, email and which language group you will participate in. Information is also available on Facebook.

The deadline for applying for candidacy is Thursday, November 13 at 4 pm. For details email [email protected].

Saturday’s program is available here.

Around 13,000 immigrants call Reykjavík home.



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