Some Unions Postpone Strikes


Some Unions Postpone Strikes

BHM strike

From a recent strike. Photo: BHM/Facebook.

Representatives from trade unions VR, Efling, Hlíf, VSFK and the Commercial Federation of Iceland (LÍV), have issued a joint statement declaring that a series of strikes planned to begin next Thursday, May 28, will be postponed by five days, reports.

If an agreement is not reached within that time, the first of the strikes will commence on Tuesday, June 2.

An updated schedule of strikes has been posted on the websites of all participating unions, and is as follows:

June 2 and 3 — Bus companies

from 00:00 on June 2 until 00:00 on June 3

June 4 and 5 — Hotels and other accommodations, and swimming pools

from midnight on June 4 until midnight on June 5

June 5 and 6 — Air travel industry workers

from midnight on June 5 until midnight on June 6

June 7 and 8 — Shipping companies and grocery stores

from midnight on June 7 until midnight on June 8

June 9 and 10 — Oil companies

from midnight on June 9 until midnight on June 10

An all-out strike will begin at 00:00 on June 11 and continue indefinitely.

Björn Snæbjörnsson, chairman of the Federation of General and Specialized Workers (SGS), announced today that the organization has decided against a deferral and that further strikes scheduled among its member unions will proceed as planned, beginning Thursday and continuing through Friday, and then indefinitely from midnight June 6 onwards.



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