News 2015 - May

Ice tunnel in Langjökull.

Party in Glacier at Secret Solstice Festival

The event ‘Into the Glacier,’ presented as “the world’s first party underneath a glacier,” will take place in the new ice tunnel in Langjökull in West Iceland, Iceland’s second-largest glacier, on June 20 as part of the Secret Solstice music festival.

The steam from Gunnuhver hot spring in Reykjanes, Southwest Iceland.

Earthquake of 4.0 Hits near Reykjavík

An earthquake of magnitude 4.0, which hit at 1:10 pm this afternoon, could clearly be felt in Reykjavík and neighboring communities. The epicenter was 6.7 km (4.2 miles) north-northeast of Krýsuvík on Reykjanes peninsula, an area known for seismic activity.

Bjarni Benediktsson and Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson

New Action Plan for Labor Market Presented

The government of Iceland presented an action plan in 11 parts at a press conference this morning, aimed at expediting the design of new wage contracts and calming the current unrest in the labor market. The measures concern taxation, welfare and housing.

Winter in Reykjavík

Coldest May in Reykjavík in Decades

The current May is the fourth coldest in Iceland’s capital since 1949 and the coldest since 1979, according to meteorologist Trausti Jónsson. The southwestern corner of the country has been the worst hit by cool westerly winds, while it has been slightly warmer in other regions.