32 Become Icelandic Citizens by Act of Parliament


32 Become Icelandic Citizens by Act of Parliament

Icelandic passport

Photo: Wikipedia.

32 individuals are to become Icelandic citizens by act of Alþingi, Vísir reports.

Those who don’t qualify for Icelandic citizenship under the guidelines set by the Directorate of Immigration can submit their application to parliamentary review biannually.

Some of the 32 are Icelanders by birth who at some point lost their citizenship, and others are children of Icelandic citizens born abroad.

But for many the road to Icelandic citizenship has been both long and treacherous.

One of the new Icelandic citizens, Hassan Raza Akbari, spoke with Stöð 2 yesterday.

Hassan fled his native country of Afghanistan after his father-in-law murdered his wife and their unborn child.

The pair had eloped—as the bride's family disapproved of Hassan—and were married in Kabul. Four months later they returned home to Kandahar, hoping to make peace with the family.

“I told her that everything would be okay, because we are married and no one can separate us,” Hassan told Stöð 2.

However, soon after their return home, his pregnant wife was killed by her own father, and a relative warned Hassan to flee, as her family was looking for him.

“[My parents] paid a lot of money to send me to Europe,” said Hassan, who immediately left Afghanistan for Greece.

He fled from Greece after being attacked by a group of fellow Afghanis, and planned to go to Canada. But on his way across the Atlantic, he was detained in Iceland, and forced to apply for asylum here instead.

He has since done his best to adapt to Icelandic society, and currently works at the tour company Grey Line Iceland.

“I’m going to stay here forever. This is my home. Right now I have a job at Grey Line and I’m very happy with my job. I don’t feel that I’m a foreigner. I always say to myself, this is my home.”



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